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( in Triklino, Afra, municipality of Parelion, Corfu)

The VLATA farmhouse is situated next to the Afra bridge, 6 km from Corfu town.

It is built on a little hill, in a property of about 16 acres planted with centenary olive trees, cyprus and oak trees and it is surrounded by flat land propitious for fruit and vegetable cultivation.

The farmhouse ground floor was used as an olive press and an olive oil storehouse. There is a first floor which is composed of a huge attic. From the veranda one can enjoy a beautiful view onto the luxuriant nature and the fields of wild flowers because the whole estate has been cared for and maintained by its actual owners who turned it into a real paradise.

The building dates back to the 17th century. The first owners of the farmhouse, the Polila family needed a place to process their olive oil .In 1682 the farmhouse became the property of the Kourkoulou family whose daughter, Alexandra Kourkoulou ,married the famous neuropsychiatrist Athanasios Kafkalidis. In 1860 the first floor was added to the ground floor, as well as the depot area.

The house belongs today to Alexandra’s and Athanasios’ son, Zephyros Kafkalidis, a lawyer and renowned writer. His son , Sergios is the manager, he lives on the estate without interfering with the guests privacy , but is always available in any case you need him.

Today the farmhouse is totally renovated and in excellent conditions and its architecture has preserved the traditional character of the place. The VLATA farmhouse (Triklino Estate) produces now its own olive oil and is turning towards agritourism.

The Kafkalidis family has been living in the farmhouse since 1974 adding their personal touch and love to their estate and making it a cultural and intellectual haven by organizing various events , such as concerts, conferences, painting ,sculpture and yoga seminars )

(for more detailed information read the book by K. Karamoutsos

Corfu luxury farmhouses Edition :Proti , Corfu 2006)

Origine of the word Triklino

-In Ancient Greece: Dining room with three couches.

-Under the Romans: A triclinium is a formal dining room in a Roman building , and the word comes from the greek word "three Kline" three couches or chaises longues . The Triclinia were used for dinner parties with exclusive set of guests and they were associated with patronage so that dining entertainment often included recitation of literature , like epics.

- Under Byzantine rule: In the byzantine house the most official room the Triklino was used as a dining room for the symposiums it was abundantly decorated with mosaics floors and frescoes. It was mostly found in luxury villas arranged around an interior courtyard. The beds  or klinarion were the most important furniture of the house and they were located around the walls of the Triklino.

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