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September 19


Triklino Estate


Anton Verenitsyn,



Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Sonata "Pathétique" No.8, Op.13.

Sonata No. 14, "Moonlight". Op. 27, No. 2.


Frédéric François Chopin

Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 58.

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Triklino Nights
Art Nature Heritage



About Triklino Nights

Speaking the language of culture, Triklino Nights communicates through the musical arts, language and letters while drawing attention to the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty of the island of Corfu.


The setting of Triklino Nights is a 19th century estate that bears witness to its name and locale.


The etymology of “Triklino” references to ancient Greek language. In Roman and Byzantine times, they used the word to refer to a hall of receptions and ceremonies.

History of the estate and its owners reflects the history of Hellenism beyond the borders of the Mediterranean, from Venice to Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt.

Triklino Nights is a collaboration with visionary conductor and artistic director, Ivan Kuryakov.

Ivan harmonizes synergies that feature a range of Classic orchestral works seen through fresh eyes which bear allusion to contemporary modernisms and comparative literary reflections.


He is currently a contributor for the world tour with the renowned Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert series plays an instrumental role in cultural and musical diplomacy internationally.


In the premiere concert performance, pianist, Anton Verenitsyn shares his sublime sense and sensibility on the historical, Austrian made Bösendorfer salon-grand piano designed in 1920.


The concert pairs the sonatas of Beethoven and Chopin with a luminescent evening immersed in moon-light melody presented in the open-air amphitheatre located in-situ to the olive grove at the Triklino Estate on the majestic island of Corfu, Greece.

A young talent with international praise and acknowledgement, Anton has played solo recitals, solo with orchestra and chamber music ensembles.

He has been awarded multiple international distinctions: Pavel Serebryakov Competition (Volgograd, 1st prize), Maria Yudina Competition (St. Petersburg, 2nd prize), Dmitri Shostakovich Competition (Volgograd, 3rd prize) and Goffredo Petrassi (Italy, Latina, 3rd prize) to name a few.


He is a protégé of the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory where he studied with renowned pianist, Eliso Virsaladze and graduated with honours. He currently is in residence at the University of Music and Theatre of Hamburg. He is also a poet with three published collections.


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